In pursuit of perfection: how does a luxury brand meet the highest customer expectations?

Taking your car in for repairs or servicing is rarely a gratifying experience for anyone. There’s the inconvenience of being parted with your car, the risk of delays in fixing it, and, if it’s out of warranty, the dreaded cost negotiations with the dealership.

So what happens when it’s a Rolls-Royce in need of some TLC? How can dealerships keep customers happy when they are accustomed to the highest standards in everything they encounter? In other words, how do you offer the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of Aftersales experiences?

In a fascinating study we spoke to Rolls-Royce owners in the US, China and the Middle East about their experiences with a range of brands, and in doing so we learnt about their expectations, their benchmarks (within and without the automotive industry) and identified several opportunities for Rolls-Royce to truly impress this potentially hard-to-please audience.