Where in-home meets workshop

We wanted to create an ‘in-home’ laundry assessment program which would also allow us to bring together a number of female consumers and clients. So, we hired a huge, footballers’ wives style mansion near Liverpool, in order to set up a series of consumer laundry scenarios. We ran 2 x one-day workshops, comprising a multitude of different exercises, to help our client understand the consumer experience of a potentially new product.

We invited 6 ladies each day to undertake our exercises, combining individual assessments with group experientials and discussions to unlock sensory responses. Throughout the event, our clients observed the sessions via a streamed link to a cinema room. In this way they were able to feed through live questions and comments as the evaluations took place.

The methodology worked very well, and the unusual nature of the venue itself added to participant engagement whilst having a real home setting gave us a more accurate response, allowing us to listen to live responses rather than recall. In addition, the study allowed us to evaluate a much larger number of prototypes / samples compared to traditional prototype trials where numbers are more limited.