How can a wealth of baby feeding insights be most effectively digested?

After four phases of in-depth research we shared a great deal of insight via workshops and debriefs with our client, regarding the emotionally sensitive and complex journey that is baby weaning.

In order to make best use of the information our client wanted to create a ‘legacy’ output in the form of an easy to search internal website. We worked with our web design and development partner to create an engaging, interactive, multimedia tool, which allows the client to revisit key research learnings quickly and easily, as well as bringing new-hires and external agencies up to speed with consumer insight.

From top-line summaries to deep-dive analytical output across the whole journey from preparing for baby’s first spoonfuls to navigating the challenges of establishing a balanced diet, we provided not only the insight and strategic guidance, but an optimal means of ensuring it remains live and dynamic. We’ve handed it over to our client now, but for many months of research and a few weeks building the site, it really was our baby.